Are you here because you’re in search of a new exciting location to film your next project? For the most parts, it will seem Romania has pretty much everything to offer. But, what if you are searching for Babylon, The Great Pyramid interiors or the ice caves of planet Hoth?

Well, you will certainly not find them here. But we will custom build it for you, at a fraction of the cost of interstellar travel.

You may have heard the rumors that vampires still roam the Transylvanian plains during full moons or that we have the heaviest building in the world or one of the most beautiful roads on the planet. Or maybe you’ve never heard anything about us and it just might be a good time to get surprised.

Romania might be known for its amazing mountains, which are covered in more virgin forests than anywhere else in Europe, but don’t think that’s the only landscape around here. We also have a desert. And mud volcanoes. And a river delta. And a seacoast. To be fair, we did nothing to earn all of this, we’re just lucky to have a kickass geography.

Besides being lucky, we’ve also had our fair share of brilliant minds. We’re sure you know about the jet plane, cybernetics, the ink pen, the electric car and insulin, but quite possibly you have no idea what links all of them: yep, you guessed, Romania. But while we’re fully up to date with all the newest technologies, you can still see people riding in hay carriages and being woken up in the morning by the rooster.

But what will surprise you the most is that time travel exists here in Romania. You can see it in the numerous castles where all of our blood loving vampires creepily live in. Or in the wooden houses where shepherds make homemade cheese and drink wine straight from the barrel. Or in the bourgeois mansions from the beginning of the last century which have been transformed into hip offices … like ours. Come see for yourself!